Costs and Benefits

The cost-benefit exercise is a common way to evaluate a decision.

What did alcohol do for you?

You might be surprised by that question from me, but it's important to recognise that there are benefits of drinking. That's why we got into the habit of doing it, right?

The counterbalance is, what did alcohol do TO you?

The cost/benefit analysis exercise leads you through making four lists -- the combinations of costs or benefits and drinking or not drinking. Having those lists will help solidify your thinking about how the habit affects you.

In the first video I describe the four lists in detail and give you examples for each quadrant. In part two I discuss five more ways the information on this page can inform your decision. This very simple exercise has powerful effects for understanding and motivation.

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this exercise will help you decide whether to stop drinking

Understand your Decision

Take your pros and cons list farther for a solid decision.

The first video guides you in making a good listing of the costs and benefits of drinking and not drinking. The second video shows you five important ways that this information can be useful to your full-colour recovery.

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