It's time to get your Sober Mojo

Stay sober, socialise, and experience

more fun and freedom

than you ever thought possible.

Fabulous, Full-colour Recovery for you

You may be in the first shaky days of sobriety, or you may be getting more solid ground under your feet, and you're realising there's a huge chasm in front of you. You're probably grieving for your old life, that life you knew you had to escape, when something had to change. Still you're worried that the party is over.

You're fearing that your life will now be black and white, boring, no nightlife, no celebrations. I'm here to tell you, you can stay sober and have a rich life full of enjoyment.

As you move further into your recovery, you will reclaim your voice, your power, and your ability to shine. You have a life in front of you that is exciting and delightful.

Fabulous, fun, fulfilling, technicolour, gorgeous recovery awaits you! Let me show you how to get there.

It's time to get your mojo back!

this exercise will help you decide whether to stop drinking

Understand your Decision

Take your pros and cons list farther for a solid decision.

The first video guides you in making a good listing of the costs and benefits of drinking and not drinking. The second video shows you five important ways that this information can be useful to your full-colour recovery.

View the full exercise right now and get new recovery tips about every other week.

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Fabulous, Full-Colour Recovery is possible for you.
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