Welcome to Sober Mojo

I’m a woman who never imagined giving up alcohol entirely and who has been stunned and delighted by the effects.

I discovered a fantastic new life I never expected. I’m a dancer, a chiropractor, a teacher, a photographer, and I’m a lover who realized being sober meant figuring out sex again from scratch. Let’s get your mojo back together.


Recoverer, Mojo Mentor

Mojo Workshops

The first Mojo Workshop is happening in Santa Monica on Feb 26, 2018.

Mojo Tools for Healing Your Body.

Two workshops in one three-hour package: Using Your Words for self-compassion; and Nia dancing for joyful movement. Both workshops focusing this time on healing your body. You’re so powerful! I can’t wait to see you unlock your potential.


Sober Mojo is about sexuality in recovery, and it’s also about strength, boundaries, wisdom, pleasure, choice, clarity, and most of all power. Get your power back!

There are so many ways we have power that we are suppressing, denying, avoiding, and fighting. It’s time to claim that power,  and it’s possible to do with easy methods. (see Resources)   Some times you need a more focused approach, you want faster results, and I’d love to help you make a leap.

One-to-one coaching is perfect for you if you aren’t sure you need or want to attend a group support meeting, aren’t sure which path you’re following yet, or have privacy concerns. Find out details at the link below.

my Smart meeting

Smart Recovery
Discover your power to choose
Saturday mornings 10:30-noon
EVO 340 Sunset Avenue, Venice (LA)