Keep track of your sober days

Get started counting

As I wrote in the last post, there are definite advantages to keeping track of your sober days. Keeping a count shows your commitment as soon as you decide to keep track, even before you tick the first box. Counting days lets you see the number grow, showing you that you’re making progress. It also adds a bit of positive motivation to colour in another circle, and a bit of a push not to miss a day.

Download this tracker for a bit of encouragement as you take note of each day you meet your goal. You can put a tick or dress it up with a sticker or colour it in. The visual effect of circles going from plain to decorated will give you an instant sense of your success. Hang it up somewhere you’ll see it at least once a day.

The tracker is perfect for keeping count of your days sober. You can also use the page to keep track of your days meditating or eating breakfast or whatever your new goal is. Mine right now is keeping track of days I write in my journal.

You can use this like a calendar, where you enter a yes or no for each day, or you can just colour in the yes days. Others might decide to grade each day on a scale, giving A/B/C or red/yellow/green. You decide what works for you. Choose a way that feels light, encouraging rather than punishing, to see the biggest effect. Let me know how it works for you.