Fabulous Full-Colour Recovery Program

Are you ready?

Find out what's possible for you.

You've stopped drinking a few times, you know life's better without it, but you keep going back to it. Maybe you miss the office happy hours, maybe there's a nagging voice inside your head asking for escape, maybe you don't know how else to connect with your partner, maybe you just eventually snap with all the stress around you. You don't want to suddenly find yourself looking at an empty bottle that you bought on auto-pilot.

Are you ready to stop the cycle?


You’re doing “okay” on your own but not as great as you hoped. You’re isolated and unsure what is next. You want to be sober and to have a life that doesn’t suck. You may still be exploring if social drinking or moderation is possible for you, and you're sure that you want to create a new life without the blurry nights and anxious mornings.


You’ve tried some “sobriety stuff” on your own. You’re almost sure you can’t figure out how to be sexy without that cocktail but you hope there is a way. You might have a long list of what hasn’t worked for you but you haven't tried everything yet.

You have a feeling that something will work. You’re right!


You need courage to do something different to most other people. You need courage to find and use new coping tools.

Change is courageous.

You've shown your courage by finding this page. Reaching out for help shows great courage and you have more than you know.

Client feedback:

You see the hidden essence, the essential part of what I'm saying.

Can we work together again please? 

My mental health was worth the investment!

The worksheets were fantastic for journaling and thinking through processes such as making decisions and reframing my thoughts.

I actually tried what you said & it made such a huge difference!

You believed in me when I didn't believe in me. 

Mags gives good feedback and manageable suggestions that I can implement during the week

Thank you for teaching me about my language. That is an amazing tool.

Mags, you ask hard questions but I never feel judged.

What is coaching like?

Coaching is a series of conversations in which you set goals and achieve them. A goal might be a set period of sober time, giving a new habit a try, or having a hard conversation.

As the coach, I am not telling you what to do. You set the goals and the timeline. I provide encouragement, resources, ideas, accountability, and just the right amount of push to help you reach your goals.

The Full-Colour Recovery Program includes individual sessions with me, plus homework. The modules build on each other, solidifying your self-worth, your voice, your power, and your self-compassion. You'll become friends with your body again and connect with the purpose you'd almost forgotten. You'll be surprised to discover how much your new life can be easy, and fun, and fabulous.

Is it time for you to make the change stick?

You deserve a sober life that is full-colour fabulous! Get personalised coaching for wherever you are on the journey. Available via video, phone calls, even meeting in person if we are near each other.

Let's get on a call and find out how.

Are you ready?

Find out what's possible for you.

Fabulous, Full-Colour Recovery is possible for you.
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