What’s on at the Monthly Circle?

One of the highlights for me each month is the third Sunday night where I get to gather with a group of women who are creating new lives for themselves, fearlessly choosing a fabulous sober life. It’s a night of sharing support, resources, tears, and laughter, without any judgment.

What’s the circle like? We start with a short talk explaining the rules and the main thing there is that everything in the room is confidential. The meeting time is divided between an exercise and open sharing.

You’re invited to participate in a short question and answer based on the She Recovers theme for the month. We might listen to a reading or meditation, then take some time to be thoughtful, and often we come up with practical ways to move forward in an area where we’ve been stuck. Your worksheet is private and you can take it home to continue working on it.

Sharing around the circle can be on the topic of the exercise or any other topic related to your recovery. Nervous about navigating a date night sober? Fighting with your family? Wondering how to fill your evenings? Not sure how to respond when someone questions your decisions? Bring these questions and see how in talking about things you’ll realise that you aren’t alone and that you have so much wisdom inside you.

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