New: online sharing circle

New starting on 15th March: join a sharing circle on the computer.

It’s open to all women in recovery or working on sober life. It’s a place for being ourselves and getting support in the community.

The same isolation that is now an important part of taking care of ourselves and the community is so hard on us! We are missing out on school, work, concerts, sports; even grocery shopping is affected. If you’re like me, you alternate between trying to be well informed and avoiding the news entirely. Everyone’s a bit on edge, or more than a bit. What we need is to be able to connect with each other. 

Even when we can’t get together in person, we can still connect!

Join this online meeting Sunday night, 7pm Sydney time.

We’ll be using Zoom which is an easy-to-use software for classes and meetings on your computer, phone, or tablet. Getting together in a virtual room can be awkward the first time but soon you’ll feel at home. 

All you have to do is click the link at the meeting time.

If you haven’t used Zoom before you might want to download it in advance or in your App Store )

I can’t wait to see your faces on my screen!