The power of a circle

Gathering in a circle is something we’ve always done as humans. We do it because of the powerful energy created by coming together and sharing the space, listening to each other with compassion, and sharing bravely.

In this photo, teachers of the Nia Technique are gathered for a workshop. Together they “create the space” for learning and set the tone with gratitude for what we are doing together. Can you recognize me in the photo?

We often do a similar practice at the end of a She Recovers circle, in which we give thanks for the space and the sharing and each other. We start and end the gratitude cycle by being grateful to ourselves. Saying thank you recognises the work we’ve done, including making time for attending the circle, keeping an open heart, and being brave enough to join. Together we are a movement and we’re making a change in the world and in our lives.

This weekend we are back for 2020 starting our second year together in Sydney. Join us!