Recovery requires momentum

You can't steer a parked car.

This inspiration quotation comes to us from business mentor and author Angela Raspass. Dory said a similar thing: Just keep swimming. This is an important reminder not to let yourself get paralysed.

Solid sobriety requires choosing again and again.

If you're worried about losing your momentum, it's time to add some motion. Even if you have to force it. Take a step now and then you're able to correct it if you need to. While you're motionless you don't have any control over your trajectory.

this exercise will help you decide whether to stop drinking

Understand your Decision

Take your pros and cons list farther for a solid decision.

The first video guides you in making a good listing of the costs and benefits of drinking and not drinking. The second video shows you five important ways that this information can be useful to your full-colour recovery.

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