Why I love the circles

I dedicate a lot of time to hosting women’s circles so I’ve been thinking about what I get out of the circle. Meaning, me personally, as an attendee, not a leader. Because I’m not just a coach for people in recovery, I am a person in recovery myself.

This means: 

  • I need community. 
  • I need support and cheerleading. 
  • Sometimes I need help figuring out what to do in new situations and how to deal with uncomfortable questions. 
  • I need to talk, to be listened to, to be heard. 
  • I need to be asked out loud the question that’s rattling around in my head.
  • I need to have my nerves calmed and my spirit inspired. 

I get all of those things when I join the circle with lovely women like me on those Sunday nights.  And we all share them with each other.

As a bonus I’m leading the circle. I have the honour of creating and holding the space for these brave explorations. I get to share relevant bits from my coaching library for us to learn more about ourselves and discover the answers we have within  . Most importantly, I get the immense pleasure of seeing women come in with fear in their eyes and leave with hope in their smiles.

We are starting back on the 2nd of August. I’m increasing them to fortnightly since so many of us are needing extra support right now. And because they’re one of my favourite events! Sign up here and I’ll see you soon.