Holiday Superpower Package

It's natural to feel overwhelmed as the end of the year approaches. Suddenly your schedule gets packed with obligations, and the shiny decorations can just add more pressure to be happy and joyful all the time, even though you can't remember the last time you had a free day.

Can feel the pressure building already? How will you cope?

What if it can be different this year?

Don't go it alone this time. You need more than willpower. The Holiday Superpower Package includes expert mentoring sessions, exercises for self-coaching, and support in the moments you feel weakest.

Schedule your sessions spread out over November-January to get you all the way through the holiday season & start off 2022 feeling solid and proud of yourself.

What gives you Holiday Superpowers?

Holiday stress makes you want to drink

Untangle the stress in your head

We will work together to get clarity on your patterns and strategies for using those patterns for the best outcome. You don't need to fight against yourself any more.


Yes you can feel free

Find out how strong you are!

Get all your resources in place so you can find your way through the holiday season with ease, no matter how stressed you are with work, family, children, parents, planning, cooking, and decorating.

One on one mentoring


Individual sessions. Discover your strengths with six hours of inspirational coaching and compassionate mentoring.

My promise to you: no small talk.

Coaching exercises


Accelerate your progress by doing the assigned homework. I'll choose the right series of short powerful exercises to get you stronger fast.

Customised Support


You'll get just what you need to reach the goals you set, plus accountability, encouragement, and a little bit of discipline. You'll be surprised how much difference small pushes can make.

Special price if you buy before the end of November:
Six one-hour sessions between now and 31st January 2022 for $550 (Aus).

Are you ready?

This time the festive season will be happy!

Fabulous, Full-Colour Recovery is possible for you.
Get in touch today.

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