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Stay sober for happy holiday

Happy Sober Holidays preparation — free course


Prepare for Sober and Happy Holidays – free course How can you stay…

Costs and Benefits


The cost-benefit exercise is a common way to evaluate a decision. You might…

Keep track of your sober days


Get started counting As I wrote in the last post, there are definite…

What’s a Recovery Toolbox?


If you’ve been in the recovery community for long you’ve probably heard something…

Celebrating and counting


Today is four years since my last drink. Yes, there was a cake…

Wisdom from my road trip


I spent most of September on the road, making a circuit around New…

Free Support Resources


There’s an abundance of free resources for sober support. Of course I love…

Why I hired a recovery coach


In March 2017 I saw someone post online about sobriety in a shared…

Why I love the circles


I dedicate a lot of time to hosting women’s circles so I’ve been…

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